Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!


Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking! Why in the heck am I just now writing a “Happy New Year” blog 15 days into the new year? Not that I want to blame it on my job, but being in the military and getting ready to deploy can put a strain on your personal life. Now that everything is almost settled on my end, I have time to write my New Year’s blog.

Every year we all somehow decide that we want to do something different (New Year’s Resolutions) because of the typical cliche “New Year, New me”. We all seem to fail at upholding those promises to ourselves before the end of year comes to an end. I remember making a promise to myself in 2015 that I would stop procrastinating. Procrastination was a very big friend of mine. I loved spending time with it, I loved going to sleep with it, and I loved having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with it. We spent a lot of time together as you can see, and it was getting really out of hand. After making a promise to myself and realizing I couldn’t keep it, I immediately stopped making a New Year’s Resolution.

This year, I am focusing on a numerous of things that will satisfy my mind, body, and soul. It is not a promise to myself, it is more of taking things day by day with a little effort to get the results that I want. I am going to start by doing things that I want to do, and doing the things that make me happy. Like my mother always said, “Once you get tired of doing things to make other people happy, you’ll realize that self happiness is the most important happiness of them all”. She repeated this line to us (my siblings and me) plenty of times, and at first I thought my mom was crazy for always repeating this to us. However, as I got older I finally realized that she was right, and that people will misuse you and your happiness for the sake of their own. All of 2017, I am going to take charge and do whatever I want in order to fulfill my happiness and worry about the rest at another time.

I am asking everyone who reads this blog to make sure you take charge of your happiness this year. Stop letting others control your joy and keep you from doing things that you love doing. I want you to feed your mind, body, and soul just so you can feel the joy that will come along with it. Go read a book, watch a good movie, take a long walk or jog, go hiking, or whatever it is that gets your blood pumping! Do not give in to the negative energy that people give out, look to the positive side no matter the situation. Find genuine people that actually care about your well-being and want to see you do great things from here on out. We only have one life; so why not give the best we can for a better future or better yet for our own self happiness!

Remember: Take charge and be happy all 2017!