About The Author

Ro’Shundra Renea Swecker is an exceptional American Solider who is aspiring to further her education in Education Administration. She earned her Associate’s Degree in 2015 and she plans on earning her Bachelor’s Degree followed by her Master’s and Doctorate Degree. She has traveled to many different parts of the world, and she will soon travel to Europe in 2017 to continue her travels.  Ro’Shundra is also an lifestyle blogger who loves to blog about different subjects, and helping others overcome their personal issues.

As a person who enjoys and loves life, I have always loved to hear and tell stories, make entertaining videos, and make myself available to be someone’s personal diary! I’m not the best storyteller or entertainer, but I can admit that my stories/entertainment have helped people in the past and present. This website showcases a few of my loves, including my latest travels, entertainment, personal issues, and blog “Shun Got You.” Shun Got You
(SGY) serves as a place where individuals can come in and feel as if it is a safe haven. It serves as a platform for individuals who can talk anonymously about their issues and get advice from myself. This blog will feature my personal issues, entertaining videos with features, and things you will need to get through everyday life. Relax, kick up your feet, and let go of everything that is bothering you!


Ro’Shundra Renea Swecker